Submit your plans

For new house construction or any additions:

Step 1: Preliminary Review

  • To minimize rework in the design process, you should submit preliminary design plans including exterior elevations, window and door location, and exterior and roof finishes for review.

Step 2: After receiving preliminary approval, you will need to complete a full house/addition review which includes:

  • Full set of blueprints including front, rear, and side elevations, along with construction materials and foundation plan
  • Diagram of house location within the lot including measurements of exterior walls to lot lines and driveway plan
  • For additions, including garages, the previous must be provided for new and existing structures

For landscaping:

  • Diagram showing hardscapes, plantings, and trees; in relationship to house, garage, driveway and lot lines
  • Name of trees being planted as indicated on diagram

For boat docks:

  • Diagram showing boat dock size, shape, number and type of slips, front and side elevations, along with construction materials
  • Dock brand and contact information for installer


Submit your plans to
[email protected]