Violations of Rules and Regulations and Fines/Penalties

The permission, authorization or participation in any way in the violation of these Rules and Regulations by any Lot owner or Lot owner’s immediate family member, guest, lessee, or invitee may be grounds for revocation of the Lot owner’s rights and privileges. In addition, privileges may be revoked until the set charge or fine has been paid and until a written application for reinstatement has been made to and approved by the Board of Directors of the Association. The Board of Directors shall issue fines and other punishments for any rule violations in their sole discretion and in the furtherance of the goals of the Subdivision and the enjoyment and safety of all Lot owners. Punishments may include warnings, fines, reprimands, loss of Lake privileges, and for repeated and severe violations, revocation of a dock easement. Any punishments issued by the Board may be overturned by a vote of the Association members as outlined in the Association’s bylaws.

Land Use Covenants and Restrictions

In order to stay true to the vision of the development, provide for the values and amenities of our community, maintain its character and residential integrity, all for the purpose of enhancing and protecting the value, desirability and attractiveness of the properties and the enjoyment of residents, certain covenants, conditions restrictions and easements have been filed on the lots at Sandy Pointe. Each lot shall be held, used, enjoyed, sold and conveyed subject to these covenants, conditions restrictions and easements.

Rules and Regulations

Ensuring the safety, security and enjoyment of our residents and their guests is of utmost importance. Water activities and all-terrain vehicles bring an added element of risk to our community. Rules and Regulations have been developed to govern activities and promote a safe environment. It is the responsibility of the Sandy Pointe Lake Homeowners Association Board of Directors to administer and enforce the Rules and Regulations. It is the responsibility of each lot owner to be familiar with the Rules and Regulations and to educate residents and guests on their application. Each lot owner is responsible to inform residents and guests of the Rules and Regulations and to ensure family members, residents and guests comply with the Rules and Regulations.